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Stock Charts

Marian Munz
Fri Jan 23 11:46:18 2015DATA_ADSENSE

Why Stock Charts

A stock chart helps to take a quick look at a stock symbol's daily
performance by displaying the opening, high, low and closing
prices over a time interval that is selected by the user.
As we will see in the video on the 5th slide, a candlestick chart
can help to create trading/investing ideas.

A user:

  • Enters a stock symbol
  • Enters a date interval (i.e.,a from date and a to date)
  • Submits the selections by clicking on the button named Get stock chart

Example: stock chart for Apple, Inc.

From January 1, 2015 to current date:
plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-1

Example: stock chart for Apple, Inc.(cont.)

We can also add a chart indicating the daily trading volume at the bottom.
plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-2

Candlestick chart

Watch a 5 min 44 sec video tutorial for trading/investing ideas. DATA_ADSENSE

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